At the start of an incredible journey, Mohamed establishes ARET Trading Overseas and Traders Limited in Cyprus and Beirut respectively. Both companies specialized in fast-moving consumer goods.


Four years later sees Mohamed form Sinyar General Trading Company in Kuwait, trading in aluminum disposable products and the light manufacturing of aluminum household foil.


Mohamed establishes Liban Pack Printing and Packaging Limited in Lebanon to provide packaging and printing services on a regional level.


Major expansion in the Middle East sees Mohamed establish MTC Alu-Pack (Mohamed El-Turk & Co.) in Bahrain. The export based company proceeded to manufacture aluminum household foil, aluminum containers, and cling film on a large scale serving international markets


Expansion into international markets sees Mohamed establish API CAROPACK BV in the Netherlands, providing trading and manufacturing of Aluminum household foil to major European retailers.


Mohamed along with Kuwaiti investors establishes MTC Multi-Pack Co. to expand the manufacturing base of MTC Group into plastic and paper disposable products in addition to the core aluminum products already manufactured. The company also provides raw materials that caters to the requirements of different industries.


Further growth occurs when Mohamed leads the acquisition of Hygiene Products Industries Company by MTC Group. Hygiene Products Industries is a leading manufacturer of baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary towels, underpads, & wetwipes.


Mohamed then establishes MTC Lebanon in order to serve as a support office for the MTC Group of companies, mainly providing corporate communication infrastructure, a professional call center and telemarketing activities.


In order to provide home delivery service and online shopping to the domestic market, Mohamed launches MTC Xpress.


Most notably during this year Mohamed El-Turk announced MTC Group Holding Co. as a parent corporation for which the ownership of the Group's companies fall under.

Mohamed converts the sales activities of MTC Multi-Pack Co. and Hygiene Products Industries into a separate company called MTC Sales & Distribution in order to be the Group's sales and distribution arm of MTC in the domestic market. To serve as the sales' arm of MTC Groups industries in the global market, Mohamed establishes MTC International Trading. MTC Properties is formed in order to offer facility management services for the groups' properties in addition to property development locally and internationally. Further expansion sees Mohamed establish MTC Plastics Industries, a large-scale industrial company that specializes in the production of casted food wrapping film.